Overview of Game Workflow

  • Each user will have to choose between multiple characters under different classes which carry their unique strengths, weaknesses, skillsets, and even fighting styles. Players can play the game with free characters or have to buy their 1st NFT character to play the game; furthermore, character visuals, character levels, and ability levels powers can upgrade using soft and hard currencies.

  • Each character has two abilities, active and passive. A single tap on any screen part activates the primary ability. The style of the fundamental ability depends on the character's skin, pertinent to the nature of elements powering the ability.

  • The in-game currencies are utilized and earned by playing PvE and PvP modes. While the single-player mode grants earnings by completing daily missions and character upgrades, the opportunities in multiplayer mode are boundless and dependent on a player's skill and devotion to win the match. The In-game currency (OPAL) is changeable with a $MRUN token through price oracles.

  • The Levels are procedurally generated, while difficulty increases gradually to keep the players engaged and hone their skills, eventually making the game competitive and fun.

  • The higher character level growth, the higher your chances of winning in PVP multiplayer mode and obtaining in-game NFT items such as skins, artifacts, and even a pet companion.

  • For every race won, players are rewarded with trophies referred to as "glory points” and “Trophy road cups.” where more collections will help you level up "league" and “Trophy road.” The higher your skills and character powers, the higher your chances to raise your trophy road and league. Conversely, every race lost will cost you glory points, risking a potential demotion in league levels.

  • If you're feeling confident enough, test your skills against a player from across the globe by taking them on in a PvP match. Of course, the higher your league, the harder the competition, but so are the rewards.

Game Workflow Chart:

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