3.12 Artifacts

Artifact grants additional power to the player during the run. Only one Artifact can be used per character at a time. An Artifact can be removed or equipped at any time before the run. Artifacts can be obtained from the secondary market, chest and created by players using special dust. up a health potion or mana potion, then there is a 30% chance that the healing effect will be doubled.

Artifact DUST

Players can get special dust from the chests and Battle pass. They can use this dust to create artifacts. The more dust was used, the greater the chance to create strong artifacts.

Artifact Use Case

The artifact obtained enhances the character's primary stats. The artifact obtained enhances the main stats of the character.

The artifact increases from one to three stats:

  • Maximum health.

  • Maximum mana.

  • Collision damage.

Improved stats are determined at the time of obtaining the artifact.

Artifacts Rarity

Artifacts have a rarity system. The higher the rarity, the more substantial the improvement of main characteristics (health, mana, collision damage).

The following rarity levels are provided:

  • Rare

  • Mystical

  • Legendary

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