5.5 Character Leasing

Metarun will adopt character leasing, a unique revolutionary way to capitalize on your game NFTs inducing further liquidity and utility. This feature will allow owners to lease out their in-game character, NFTs, for a limited time while claiming back a percentage of the earnings. The basic overview of how it works is given below

  • A player (hereinafter the owner) may rent a character to another player (hereinafter the renter).

  • The renter gets temporary ownership, uses the character as his own, and can receive all the soft currency for the races.

  • The received hard currency is divided between the owner and renter in the ratio determined by the owner. The ratio is determined before the rental begins.

  • The owner selects the rental period prior to the start of the rental. The owner may set a game limit and a rental time limit.

  • The player(owner) will set a lease fee in MRUN tokens.

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