4.5 Battle Pass

Battle pass consists of a seasonal set of missions and rewards. Players can get valuable rewards by getting a higher rank in the seasons, such as characters, skins, dust to create artifacts, pets, in-game currencies, etc. Rewards for every season will change according to the season theme and characteristics.

Battle Pass Trophies : Battle pass has two lines of trophies, free and paid. The free line is available to all players, and the player who buys BP receives rewards from both lines.

Battle Pass progression : The player requires BP points to progress in battle pass season and can be acquired in two ways

  • Buying battle pass points with hard currency

  • By completing daily missions.

Battle Pass Missions : Every day, the player receives missions. Rewards and battle pass points will be received upon completion of missions. A player who does not have a paid version of BP has a limited set of missions.

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