5.3.1. Conditional Decentralized Minting and Deflation

Metarun has the potential to grow on a large scale. This could potentially create a need to mint additional tokens for sustaining the ecosystem. The minting mechanism will be decentralized by using smart contracts and constructed to reduce the impact on the token price to a minimum, exclude the risk of exploits and hacks, and add an adequate number of tokens to circulation. The total supply of $MRUN tokens is capped to 1 billion i,e, there will be no minting if the supply reaches the max supply of 1 billion $MRUN tokens.

The minting will work in the following way:

  • The ecosystem development fund emits tokens into the system through pool rewards only.

  • If the fund dips below 25%, it is replenished by additional minting.

  • It replenishes the Ecosystem fund in 5% increments per hour until it reaches 70%.

  • The platform will circulate tokens back into the ecosystem development fund, which can be later used as follows; a. Burned b. Spend on Project development c. Distribute as rewards d. Sent to Treasury funds. This system is subject to change as the project evolves.

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