3.7 Characters Rarity

Metarun comes with different types of characters. Each character has a predefined setting, or "rarity, " affecting initial power and earning potential. Heroes with a higher rarity will have more powerful abilities (active and passive), initial characteristics ( health, mana potion, damage, max speed), and higher win/lose bonuses.

There are currently three types of rarity.

  • Classic Characters

  • Epic Characters

  • Legendary Characters

The rarity of each character determines the

  • Character's initial Characteristics power

  • Character's initial Abilities power

  • Earning Potential (Win/Lose OPAL bonus).

There will also be free characters in Metarun that can be used to play the game without any cost. These free characters used to play in PVE mode to earn rewards. Free characters for every class will be available so users can test each class without spending any money. The players with free characters cant participate in the Battle run (PvP) mode but can earn OPAL and other soft currencies.

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