4.3 Hero League(PvP)

The hero league is a ranking system for Metarun characters. Every character has its own league ranking and is independent of skin. The league ranking will be reset to zero when characters are bought or sold in the secondary market. It is based on two entities:

  • Glory

  • League

Glory : Each hero has their Glory level. Glory is awarded for a victory and subtracted for a defeat in PvP-mode.

League : Character league system based on Glory points. To advance to the successive league, the player needs to score several Glory points. The loss of points leads to relegation from the league. The league also affects matchmaking in PvP mode; only players of the same league can compete with each other.

League Bonus : Each league has its own rewards for PvP-matches played. The higher the glory point, the higher the league ranking results in a higher League bonus the character receives for a PvP-match. such as

  • Additional soft and hard currency for runs.

  • Special rewards at the end of every season(like a remarkable visual style)

League Categories : There are five leagues

  • Bronze

  • Silver

  • Gold

  • Diamond

  • Master League

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