3.11 Pets

Pets are the companion to the characters that grants an additional passive ability to the player during the run. Only one pet can be used per character at a time. A pet can be removed or equipped at any time before the run. The player will get the random pet from a chest, and its ability is determined when the pet is obtained. Pet abilities, once determined, can’t be changed. Pets can be bought and sold through the secondary market with desired abilities and levels and can be burned to reset the OPAL earning PvP battles.

If a player equipped the pet, then during the race, the pet will play a role in terms of

  • If a player picks up a booster during the run, there is a 30% chance that the booster will last 1.5 times longer.

  • If a player picks up a health potion or mana potion, then there is a 30% chance that the healing effect will be doubled.

Pets Rarity

Pets have a rarity system. The higher the rarity, the higher the maximum ability level of the pet. Pets have the following rarity levels:

  • Rare

  • Mystical

  • Legendary

Pets Levels

Pets have a level system. The higher the level, the stronger the ability. When obtained from the chest, as a reward, or bought from the game store, Pets start with level 1 and have a max level cap of 30.

Players can level up pets anytime, regardless of the character's level and skin. Pets can be leveled up with the diamonds by the formula;

x1 * DIAMOND = Current Level + 1

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