3.15 Obstacle System

Objects on the map that the player may encounter. The player instantly loses if his abilities do not allow him to bypass the rule, including the unique Obstacles on the map. Obstacles are divided into

  • Static and Dynamic

  • Destructible and Indestructible

  • Unique areas of the map

a. Static obstacles

Obstacles that do not change their position in space. For example,

  • Boxes

  • Fences

  • Heaps of stones

b. Dynamic obstacles

Obstacles that can change their position in space. For example,

  • Rolling barrels

  • Pendulums

  • Mechanical traps

c. Destructible obstacles

Static or dynamic obstacles, which can be destroyed by a shot or crossing with the player, are slightly slow and deal damage.

d. Indestructible obstacles

Static or dynamic obstacles cannot be destroyed and instantly kill the player upon crossing.

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