Metarun is the world’s first P2E, PvE/PvP endless mobile runner game universe that empowers its players with fully customizable ownership of NFT assets.

Players will begin their journey by selecting from one of three character classes, The Craftsman, The Fighter, and The Sprinter.

There are four main characteristics for each class: Health, Mana, Collision Damage, and Maximal Speed. However, each character specializes in specific characteristics while lacking in others – so choose wisely.

The goal of Metarun, similar to traditional runner games, is to race across the finish line of obstacle courses filled with monsters, traps, and treasures. However, in this universe, players are provided many ways and the free will to employ their skills for upgrading their NFT assets such as characters’ weapons, skins, or even pets by using accumulated in-game tokens.

All in-game assets are NFT items that can be traded, sold, or purchased on Metarun’s NFT Marketplace, or perhaps owners would like to up the competition and race against players worldwide.

Additionally, players will be able to yield farm their tokens. Still, we even took the farming opportunities further by incorporating a character rental mechanism that allows users to lease their characters to other players for the ultimate rewards-earning opportunity.

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