3.2 Game Modes

3.2.1. Endless-Run (PvE)

  1. Description: Endless race, in which the player tries to advance as far as possible, passing the obstacles and enemies. The player can get soft currency for PVE by completing missions, killing monsters, and picking up the GOLD; additionally, players can get OPAL for completing daily tasks.

  2. Goal: Run as far as possible and collect as much GOLD and SAPPHIRE as possible. But some will be to complete the objectives.

  3. Victory conditions: None or if objective completed

  4. Earnable currency: GOLD, SAPPHIRE, and OPAL to complete daily missions

  5. The Game ends: Earn trophies for the trophy road, soft currencies, and rewards for completing daily tasks.

  6. Continue to Play if killed: Resurrection - after being killed/dead, the player can spend a certain amount of OPAL to continue the race from the last point to restore all character resources.

  7. Rewards:

    • The player can pick up GOLD from the ground.

    • The player receives SAPPHIRE by killing opponents.

    • The player can complete daily missions to get OPAL and additional rewards.

3.2.2. Battle-Run (PvP)

Competitive and entertaining Multiplayer mode that encourages user engagement, a trait that is lacking in current blockchain games. Players can refine their skills by practicing in single-player mode and entering the multiplayer mode to test those abilities. The elementary summary of this mode is listed below:

  1. Description: The battle run is a multiplayer PvP ultimate race in which multiple players continuously move forward, trying to outrun their opponent. Battle with an opponent while running to win, earn OPAL and increase character rank and glory points.

  2. Goal: Overtake an opponent.

  3. Victory conditions: To reach the finish line first.

  4. Earnable currency: GOLD, SAPPHIRE, DIAMOND, OPAL.

  5. The main essences of the mode: The PvP mode contains all the elements of the PvE mode.

  6. Victory/Loss: The player has reached the finish line before his opponent.

  7. Rewards:

    • The player receives glory points and trophies for winning.

    • The player receives DIAMOND for winning PVP.

    • The player can pick up GOLD from the ground.

    • The player receives SAPPHIRE by killing opponents.

    • The player receives OPAL for winning and losing.

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