3.14 Opponent System

Metarun comes with static and moving opponents in both PvE and PvP modes that damage the player by crossing and are classified as

Static - the enemy stands still and does not move.

Moving - the enemy is moving in the player's direction or horizontally. Opponents can be both ground and flying.

There is also an additional division into attackers and non-attackers opponents; furthermore, they have different amounts of health, damage, and currency issued upon death.

Non-attacking enemies only deal damage when crossing them.

Attacking opponents launch various projectiles at the player.

a. Collision(PVP)

  • If the players are on adjacent lines at approximately the same position, they can push each other. By pushing each other, players deal damage and occupy the enemy's line, pushing him out of it.

  • If both players push, the one who did it first wins.

  • If both players are pushed simultaneously, they both take damage and return to their lanes.

b. Trampoline(PVP)

If the characters are on the same line, one of the players can jump up and push off from the enemy to quickly cover a long distance and get ahead.

c. Undercut(PVP)

If the characters are on the same line, the player running behind can use the slide to knock down and slow down the opponent and deal damage to him.

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