5.2 Metarun Token ($MRUN)

$MRUN and OPAL(in-game currency) are the two central pillars that sustain the Metarun ecosystem. The $MRUN token uses Binance smart chain BEP-20 token standard, while OPAL is a stable virtual currency used within the game for various purposes. OPAL is pegged with USD in the ratio of 1:270 and can be exchanged with $MRUN using price oracles.

$MRUN Utility

$MRUN is a utility token with numerous use-cases within the Metarun ecosystem. Listed below are some of the methods the token will be utilized in the Metarun environment:

  1. $MRUN is a Metarun native token that can only be converted into in-game currency OPAL allowing $MRUN to become the direct beneficiary of OPAL utility.

  2. $MRUN is required to a. Upgrade characters b. Upgrade abilities (active and passive) c. Upgrade the last visual level of each skin

  3. Upgraded characters inside the game need to be minted before selling to the secondary market with upgraded values. Upgraded NFTs required a small fee for buying/selling and minting. The fee will be in the $MRUN token.

  4. NFTs and other in-game items can be bought at a discounted price if bought through $MRUN.

  5. Metarun super NFT chest can only be bought through $MRUN. The chest will be exclusive and have one-time special rewards, currencies, artifacts, OPAL, etc.

  6. $MRUN token holders have a multiplier effect on earning potential and additional rewards according to their amount of holdings. Such as a. Special chests with rewards. b. Increase the percentage earnings in PvP battles run.

  7. Metarun users can engage in several staking and farming pools using $MRUN tokens. Each pool will have its reward percentage, incentivizing users to participate in farming $MRUN and rare NFTs.

  8. Battle passes can only be bought through $MRUN tokens; additionally, special event and tournament tickets can be bought through $MRUN tokens.

  9. $MRUN can be used to pass/skip the battle pass mission.

  10. $MRUN is required a. To make the team or clan b. To play team rank matches

  11. The team or clan can make the group bank, where players can hold the token to get the additional group rewards. Such as a. Every week free event tickets. b. Group league points bonus for the clan.

  12. A fee in the $MRUN token is required to convert OPAL (in-game virtual currency ) to $MRUN; the fee will be in the $MRUN token.

  13. Players can donate the $MRUN token to creators. Creator will get $MRUN as a reward.

  14. $MRUN tokens are required for character leasing. And much more to come!

Metarun Economy FlowChart

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